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Thanks Bell 'Bahrain' for repairing my original race helmet!

I would just like to thank Bell Helmets in Bahrain for being able to repair my fire damaged race helmet. The helmet was considered void and unusable after the crash in Croft, 2022. During my trip to Bahrain for the New Year celebrations, we dropped in to see if they could do anything to bring it back to life. To my absolute delight, they were fantastic and couldn't be any more helpful, getting the lining, straps and interior repaired without any fuss, just in time for my flight home. It is good to have my red original helmet back in working order for the 2023 season!

As well as getting my helmet repaired, I also had an opportunity to take a look at all the other race helmets, including various F1 originals, I got to try out Robert Kubica's F1 helmet and saw Grosjean's fire damaged race helmet, following his crash in 2021 in Bahrain. If anyone is travelling to Bahrain, I would definitely recommend a quick detour to the Bell factory and showroom, whether you are looking to buy spares, get a repair done or just want a look around. For any racer, it is a great experience.

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