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Lucas Romanek makes it to the final 4 in the Muehlner Motorsport Lmp3 Shootout Valencia & Barcelona

Lucas Romanek took a huge leap into endurance racing in February and March, participating in the coveted Muehlner Motorsport Lmp3 shootout in Valencia on 26th and 27th February 2024.

Against other talented drivers from across the globe, on a track he had never raced or tested on before, in a car that he had never experienced first hand. Lucas impressed the Muehlner team enough to put him through to the Barcelona final shootout round on 5th and 6th March 24.

Lucas said, 'the car is amazing, on the Valencia track, I just had to draw on all my previous experiences and show what I was capable of'.

A week later, and from 30 drivers across the globe, only 8 were chosen to participate in the final shootout in Barcelona.

After a rigorous first day, the 8 were reduced to only 4 drivers remaining to go head to head on the final day.

After the experience Lucas said, 'It has been a fantastic experience, the Muehlner Motorsport team were great and I couldn't have dreamed of getting to the last 4 drivers, such great talent. I feel honoured to have been recognised at such a high level. The Lmp3 prototype series in Germany has some great teams, racing on legendary circuits. My aim is to compete in endurance, and this has really opened my eyes to the series'.

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